Listen to Melanie's interview on What's Happening Iowa Radio:

Read what the Grinnell College "Scarlett Black and Gold" newspaper had to say about Melanie's performance in town.
Here's what the Julian, California Music Festival  had to say about Melanie's performance at the 2014 event:

"New to the San Diego music scene, Melanie Devaney wowed the audience with a vocal range that had to be heard to be believed.  No only did she sing, she captured hearts and minds of the audience with her talent for both the guitar and keyboards. This girl has it all!"
Melanie was recently featured in an edition of the Park City Record:

Country Standard Time Review

Melanie Devaney Single Subject Notebook – 2014 ( Self-released) Reviewed by Jeff Lincoln Many fantasize about musical fame, rising from modest beginnings to a world of nonstop smiles and open doors. Those chasing it down, like Melanie Devaney, can send us some very informative postcards from the road. "Single Subject Notebook" the third indie release from the Americana guitarist/singer/songwriter, was richly inspired by relentless touring of clubs across the west. The opener, "Carry My Guitar," is a perfect country-pop confection. Devaney slyly buries some dark lines about the strain of troubadour life in a daydream about a lover who could offer, at a minimum, the small grace of hauling her gear around. As a writer, she suffers from a bit of an identity crisis - too experienced to play the ingénue, but too optimistically romantic to dive headlong into the confessional. The result can, however, give her a unique stylistic stamp. On "Café 101" for example, there's mentions of junkies on the corner underscoring a relationship's decline. But there's also sweetness in the music and a singing, which refuses to go maudlin. Devaney moved to Hollywood from small town Iowa, so identifies with fish out of water. She's the sad girl who wants to be happy, and her songs clearly buoy her spirits. Devaney's voice evokes Natalie Merchant by way of Crystal Gale. It's not hemi-powered, but reliable transportation to move along her wistful or jangly melodies. Two other highlights are "Playin' Make Believe," a torch song that an Adele could really sink her teeth into, and "Wake Up Sleepy Johnny," a musically atmospheric plea with two wonderful lyrics, "Why can't you be you" and "as you slowly OD". (It's all the more poignant as we read more headlines of stars lost to substance abuse.) This is strong work straight out of the American Dream, and it makes it easy to look forward to the next postcard. See more:

April 13, 2014 An Iowa native who lives in Los Angeles, Melanie Devaney is a small-town girl with a flair for writing and singing earthy songs that smartly draw from folk, country and rock. Armed with a degree in creative writing and years of classical piano training, she’s a promising young artist whose unaffected music is delivered with a welcome absence of fuss. If her live shows match her arresting new album, “Single Subject Notebook” (which was expertly produced by Ryan Adams veteran Jamie Candiloro), Devaney should be worth catching. She also performs a free show Thursday at 7 p.m. at the E Street Cafe, 128 W. E St. in Encinitas: (760) 230-2038; George Varga
April 4 review of "Single Subject Notebook" from Billings Gazette (MT)
Melanie Devaney featured in Cedar Rapids (IA) Gazette's "Hoopla" Weekend Edition, March 6, 2014
Dubuque Telegraph Herald Article from March 2014:
PDF File of Article
Dubuque Telegraph Heral Article from February 2014

Dubuque Telegraph Heral Article from February 2014

Melanie Devaney was featured on Cheyenne Wyoming's CBS Newschannel 5 Morning News Friday, February 21. 
Telegraph Herald Article 2/20/14 An article that appeared in the Dubuque Telegraph Herald on 2/20/14 about Melanie's Upcoming Release "Single Subject Notebook" - click on the link to download and read. 220 KB
On Monday, December 30, Melanie Devaney's picture received front-page coverage on the Dubuque Telegraph Herald following her perfornace at the Rockin' On the River Holiday Festival in Cascade, Iowa. Click here to see the website. 

Wyoming Public Radio - November 2013 - Interview

 "All you really need to know is that she's an awesome talent, an engaging and captivating performer who not only writes crunchy, melodic, sharp-eyed blasts of truthiness but knows how to sell them to a crowd. If you ain't nodding your head in agreement, laughing in self-recognition or humming a melody or two by the time Melanie's set is over, you ain't been listening, man."
          - Kevin Burton Smith, Butler's Coffee (Jun 07, 2013)

"Enthusiastic and attractive, Devaney brings a friendly presence to the stage."
          - Thousand Oaks Acorn, September 2011 (Sep 01, 2011

". . . Los Angeles based Melanie Devaney is a real gem. At times country, at times pop, she's like a mix of Carole King and Emmy Lou Harris with confessional lyrics and heartfelt music to spare."
          - San Diego Kensington News (Aug 01, 2011)

"Melanie Devaney and her music are a warm spring wind after a long grueling Midwest winter where you breathe a sigh of relief that life still has some sweetness."
          - Denny Garcia, Midwest Music Makers Radio Program (Nov 1, 2010)