Hug Your Mum

Mother's day is right around the corner (May 10) and it's a good reminder that we often take our mums for granted.  I decide to sit down today and write mine a little love note to tell her how much I appreciate all she does for me.  Some of you have met my mother, Betty Mausser, and you can probably guess she's the real brains behind Kidder Valley Music.  She does so much to help me be successful, including filing my taxes and tracking some of my accounting, booking flights and travel accommodations and reminding me to do stuff that you'd be surprised I still forget to do: like pack my guitar in the car!  Among the very unique traits my mother has taught me are: 1.) Think things through before you act on new ideas  2.) If you want to get something done, sometimes you just have to do it yourself  3.) Willie Nelson is quite possibly the greatest singer-songwriter ever.

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