The most frustrating Hotel experience in a while would not let me put this entire review on their website, but I thought it was so clever that I needed to share… A few nights ago I was in a hotel room with construction going on below me! And as bad as that was, nothing is more frustrating than trying to get work done and not being able to because of terrible Internet service.  I'm not just trying to complain - I actually enjoyed writing the review and simply want to share it as a good creative writing exercise! I hope you enjoy it and if you see me and want to know which hotel it was I will be glad to tell you…


This is one of the most frustrating hotel stays I have ever had.  I am an independent touring musician so on my downtime I try to get work done which means I need good internet service (updating my websites, emailing venues etc.).  The internet service here is 1992 dial-up slow and even though I was told it would work GREAT in the lobby, I can't get the internet to work here either.  I have to use my phone as a hotspot instead, zapping into my data plan.  In fact, the internet is so bad here I can barely leave this review.  

The rooms are nice enough - they are comfortable and clean for the price, though I just heard someone complaining that there were no towels in their room. Most of the lower-priced hotels in Taos are a little 1972 which adds to their charm - unless you need internet access. This place could still use some work.  The tiles in their pool area are chipped and cracked, I overheard someone complaining that the ice machine was broken, and the landscaping looks like something from a Quentin Tarantino film.   

They offer a free breakfast in their cute little kachina cafe or whatever but I have been unable to eat there because of other commitments - namely going to a cafe where I can get internet access. 

Service here is okay.  Last night, I had to listen to two men on spring break get into an argument worthy of an episode of "Cops" about one guy leaving the other guy and going on the town without him while he was paying the bill all night.  The walls are thin: I heard the whole thing - and when I called the front desk to complain, the clerk said she'd "get right on it" but these two bozos continued their tirade for another forty-five minutes, ultimately ending with one guy exiting by slamming the door very angrily.  I later heard him in the parking lot complaining about how he could not get his anger management app to work because of the poor internet service.